Are you looking to refresh your mind in a peaceful environment? The Lodge at Strum Island is a villa that offers privacy, luxury and beautiful memories. The lodge is located on a picturesque island off the stunning shoreline of Mahone Bay. The estate, which took four years to construct, offers elegant architecture and tastefully designed decor. The property has 6-ensuite bedrooms, a Great Room, bar, a fireplace, powder room, library, Rose Hut with a hot tub, and more. The masterfully designed kitchen provides space for gourmet meals and simple family brunches alike. The magnificent natural beauty makes the island a delight for every visitor. You can take in the outdoors while hearing the gentle lapping of the tides. While staying at the lodge, you can choose to take part in a selection of exciting activities like sailing, hunting and fishing. Our luxury rental in Mahone Bay is conveniently close to small towns that each offer their own charm. What sets The Lodge at Strum Island apart is the custom services we offer, catering to the needs of each unique guest. You can pick from complete privacy to the full-fledged services of a trained team of staff members who are delighted to assist. Our luxury rental offers a perfect balance between serene isolation and accessibility. You can spend your days undisturbed with your family and friends while still being able to access activities and amenities.

Serenity That's Unmatched

When going on vacation or taking some time off, you have two options. You can either visit a crowded location that offers little to no privacy or stay at a luxury rental, where you get to decide the degree of isolation you are able to enjoy. When you choose our luxury rental, you can expect countless benefits such as:
Privacy: The most crucial benefit of staying on a private island that's yours for as long as you like is privacy. While at The Lodge at Strum Island, you're entirely undisturbed. However, you're only as isolated as you want, with convenient access to world-class service and amenities.
Luxury: When taking some time off, you deserve access to quality services to meet your every need. If you desire, we can provide house staff that will cater to all your requirements with world-class service. With us, you can enjoy a delectable meal prepared by an elite chef without having to compromise your privacy.
Space: Vacationing on a private island offers more space and privacy than any other hotel or resort in the world could offer. At our luxury island rental on Mahone Bay, you can hike, swim in the ocean, gaze at the stars, birdwatch and go on picnics, all without the fear of prying eyes. We offer 10-acres of beautiful nature and luxury are yours only.
With tailored services that are customized according to your needs, you will find your stay at The Lodge at Strum Island immersed in luxury. The island is the ideal location for all types of vacationers. If you'd like to learn more about our luxury rental in Mahone Bay, we are always available to answer your inquiries.


The Strum Signature Guarantee..
Whether you stay for a day or stay for a week or two, Strum presents the penultimate Private Island Experience.

Rental Rate: $6,500 per night*
*A minimum three-night stay is required. Incidentals including food and drink are not included.

For all your rental inquiries:
Contact Anthony Smith at:
phone: +1-877-485-9241

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